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"Room 213, a rock band that brings real meaning to the garage rock genre." 

-Georgia State Signal-

If you're looking for nearby concerts to attend, look no further. Smith's Olde Bar, the Masquerade, Star Bar and UGA frat houses can attest to the following statement...Room 213 absolutely rocks.


Room 213 is a rock trio based in Atlanta, GA. With a stage presence rarely seen in underground live music space at large. 


Brothers Lachlan and Matthew Tankersley formed the band in late 2017, and very quickly welcomed their high school friend Isaac Camden to glue the two brothers dream together. Lachlan leads the band on guitar and vocals, and is supported by Matthew on drums and Isaac on bass.


Each member juggles separate facets of the band. All three are or were music students at their respective colleges and alma mater. Lyrics are Lachlan's biggest contribution, as Isaac and Matthew are talented multi-instrumentalists, string parts are often built and expanded upon by each member. 

Matthew's the brick wall and backbone of the band's sound. Driving the trio with a professional's passion and expertise usually only seen in drummers twice his age.

Isaac lays it down like no other. Adding an understated yet crucial and exciting layer with his bass guitar and flowing locks.   


Both Lachlan and Isaac play an integral part in the pre and post-production process. Lachlan is an AIMM graduate with a degree in music technology, with extensive experience in Ableton and Pro Tools. Isaac is an Ableton sleuth with two albums and several singles/EPs under his belt.  The two provide the necessary equipment and to get the job done as well as mixing and mastering their own projects.  


You don't have Room 213 without these three. 

The name was hatched several months before Isaac was introduced and the prospect of starting a band seemed intangible. Whilst hotel hoping through Mississippi on the Delta Blues Trail, the brothers stayed in three separate hotels, each room they stayed in fell behind the number 213. Seeing as how the blues was a keen interest to them, it seemed symbolic and thus, Room 213 was born. 

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