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"Room 213, a rock band that brings real meaning to the genre name garage rock.”

-The Signal-

Room 213 is a three-piece rock band based in Atlanta, GA. Brothers Lachlan and Matthew Tankersley formed the band in late 2017, and very quickly welcomed their high school friend Isaac Camden to glue the two brothers dream together. Lachlan leads the band on guitar and vocals, and is supported by Matthew on drums and Isaac on bass.


Each member juggles separate facets of the band outside of making music. Isaac plays an integral part in the recording process. Providing the necessary equipment to get the job done as well as mixing and mastering their projects.  Lachlan 

handles marketing, focusing on their online presence and getting gigs. And while the outside work is handled by the other two, Matthew Tankersley's role cannot be understated. Aside from being the pretty face of the band, Matthew is essential in establishing a backbone to their sound, and consolidating each members skill. You don't have Room 213 without these three. 

The name was hatched several months before Isaac was introduced and the prospect of starting a band seemed intangible. Whilst hotel hoping through Mississippi on the Delta Blues Trail, the brothers stayed in three separate hotels, each room they stayed in fell behind the number 213. Seeing as how the blues was a keen interest to them, it seemed symbolic and thus, Room 213 was born.